Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Mrs Pandey is a cancer survivor who lives by herself. A wife of an Indian Air force officer who lost her husband some years ago. She goes for her weekly chemotherapy sessions to Max hospital and also makes regular trips to Research and Referral Army hospital to see her primary care physician.With no family support system left and her health declining due to frailty and dependence she chose Eldercare services. The care buddy takes her for her weekly chemo sessions and doctor’s consultations, stays by her side through her sessions and settles her back at home. He also instructs the maid regarding her daily food requirements, shops for her weekly utility items, pays her bills and takes her for shopping and temple visits. She is in a much better mental state and feels safe and confident moving around with a confidante.

Mr Roy is a retired eminent scientist. He lives with his wife while his two daughters live in Germany.He retired as a Senior advisor (seed) National Cooperative Federation of India, Vice President KSL ( Product Research and Development), Maharashtra, UNIDO International Consultant, Malawi, Africa, and Consultant to various organisations in India and abroad. His entire life’s research work suddenly came to a grinding halt 9years back upon his retirement. With a mind as sharp and brilliant as his at this age,we at Eldercare felt he has still a lot to offer for the betterment of human race. The care buddy, since then, has taken over the mundane tasks of running day to day affairs such as paying utility bills, managing the house staff and repairs etc. Mr Roy’s interest in his life time work has found the new light of the day and from past 3 months he has been working as an advisor to Sikkim Government and various other agencies on their organic farming projects. He travels a lot and his sense of self-worth post retirement is at its highest!

Mr Sikka has various properties across Delhi. Left alone by themselves they find it difficult to manage their investments , property management as well as the security and safety of their current home. Despite 5-6 domestic workers they deal with stress of paying their bills and other day to day running of home affairs plus an added burden of managing the staff at home. They are afraid to venture out on short trips in and around the city for security reasons. They have found solution to majority of their issues in the care of a reliable ,trustworthy care buddy and legal and financial services we offer at Eldercare. Presently they have taken a year’s services from us and are extremely satisfied with our services.

Caring for a loved one with stroke can be taxing physically, mentally and emotionally. They require extensive rehabilitation in order to regain the ability to speak, and control their basic motor skills. Mrs Kohli is recovering from stroke . She stays with her daughter who is working full time. She used to go to the hospital 5days a week for neuro physiotherapy. Family found the rehabilitation expensive ,each session amounting to 1200/- plus the travel expense and emotional and physical stress for the patient. With the help of Eldercare a neuro physiotherapist has been assigned to her and his services are being monitored by a care buddy. All this has significantly reduced the financial stress ( services are under 1000/-), there is no stress of travel through the maddening traffic and plus an added extra monitoring by a reliable buddy!

Mr Piramal bought a property in the year 2009 in upmarket Noida from a prominent builder. He never got possession of the said property despite repeated reminders and visits to India. The legal team at Eldercare served a notice to the builder and forced the builder to come to the negotiation table. The long pending issue has been resolved and the property has been handed over to the client.

The death of a parent create feelings of vulnerability and a huge sense of loss. It also leaves one with strong feelings of longing - a need to have a parent around ‘forever’ to share our future accomplishments and offer support in our times of need. When Mr Batra arrived from London to do the final rites for his mother he was overwhelmed with her loss . We ensured that he was given enough time and space to grieve and not really be bogged down by other formalities. Eldercare took over and helped in conducting all the ceremonies for the final journey of his mother without having him to even worry about getting a DC from the authorities and other legal documents.