what is The CareBuddy Concept ?

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Thousands of jawans retire from the armed services just when they are in their late 30's and mid-40's. Why not engage them as 'Care Buddies' to oversee how vulnerable senior citizens are being taken care of by home-carers? This is exactly what Eldcare does...

Eldercare leverages the operational and administrative skills of the armed forces veterans to provide expertise to the elderly in handling issues such as second opinion for medication/surgery, management of property, litigation and more. The startup founder knew the capabilities of the vast pool of retired defence personal, who were still in their working ages. While Eldercare was founded as a service to the elderly, it was also a chance for the jawans to find dignified employment post retirement.

So, how does a Care Buddy exactly fit into Eldercare's scheme of things?

"He visits the elders" homes on a weekly basis to ascertain general well being and runs errands, coordinates hospital visits and organises routine diagnostics tests as prescribed by Doctors.

Besides Care Buddies, Eldercare also works with shift-based attendants who assist elders suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, arthritis and other ailments. Pre- and post-hospital management and in-home nursing care are also part of the serivces.


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"Not Just a Care Giver - A Confidant"

  • A pool of Indian Armed Forces veterans recently retired from Army, Navy & Air Force
  • A youthful, educated, energetic and compassionate care giver
  • He stands with you in case of an emergency
  • Ensures the requisitioned services be delivered to the best possible



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