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“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honor”

Aging and becoming elderly is a part of Human Life Cycle. Even though our parents have aged and maybe losing their health, they are still people with emotions and ideas. Anyone living away from home either within the country or abroad faces a huge challenge in providing trustworthy healthcare and security to their loved ones back home. We, at Eldercare, help your loved one cope with the loss of independence because of advanced age and keep an eye on their physical and mental health and provide home healthcare nurse with the help of a dedicated "Care Buddy (Senior Citizen Care Taker)” who is a veteran.

Eldercare consists of group of dedicated veterans (selfless soldiers from Army, Navy & Air Force who have recently retired), doctors and social work specialists working to bridge the distance for all your needs back home.

We stand committed to provide customized assistance for all your problems back home.

The Indian Armed Forces have a very strong and robust family support system. It provides all kind of assistance to the families of troops and sailors deployed away (outstation) for a prolonged duration. Eldercare follows a similar concept as our elders also require a trustworthy and reliable support system.

It will be an honor for us (Care Buddy/Care Taker) to serve Senior Citizens and assure them that you are not alone. In India, Eldercare is just a click away for the needy Senior citizens.


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Healthcare Services

Are you concerned about your elders? Get personalized Elderly Home Care Services

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Legal Services

When it's a matter of importance or any legal advice, Get Trusted Advice from experienced advocates of ElderCare

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Finance Services

Financial freedom is having your heart and mind free of worries. Experience it ElderCare

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Property Services

Your concern is our priority, homework is what we do the best! get a competent property consultant from ElderCare

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End to End

End to End Services

We foresee your needs and customise them to perfection!

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Services For NRI's

Make your visit to India like never before - Memorable & Delightful with Eldercare

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At Eldercare, we have certified doctors, geriatric trained nurses along with orthotics and Physiotherapists to assist in improving the mobility. ELdercare Services have operations and solutions that are designed for wellness rather than illness cure. Our care buddy can provide concierge, drive and accompany for short visits whilst ensuring safety and security.

Eldercare endeavors to provide a long term personalized home care and beyond to your loved ones. Customized solutions are available for elderly care which includes home health, assisted living, concierge, legal, finance, tourism etc., whilst ensuring safety and security. Different membership plans are available as per the requirement. We recommend you to sign for 6 month plan to assure your long term personalized care.

Crisis do not give warning! Have you planned something for such different times? Those weak legs and blur eyes would find it difficult to handle crisis. It is at this time we need a trustworthy, competent and situationally aware person who is capable of handling crisis. The Indian Armed Forces veterans, virtue of their training and commitment towards their duties are well placed to handle crisis. Eldercare specializes in planning for contingency and management of crisis. It is our promise that we will not leave you alone in any situation.

Eldercare specializes in providing customized solutions. Our support staff comprising of Lawyers, Financial Planners, Chartered accountants coupled with on ground Care Buddy (An Indian Armed Forces veteran) help us in solving local governance issues. We are geard with solutions to all the requestes that can be made by Elderly - Home health care services, Legal solutions, Property management, Financial management, Tourism... All the services delivered are monitored by a Care Buddy to ensure safety and security.

We at Eldercare, have empanelled senior doctors from reputed Institutes for a second opinion especially for major surgeries. We have qualified and experienced doctors and retired defence personnel who will be acting as "Care Buddy"
Re-Imagine Elder Care for your loved ones


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“Not Just a Care Giver – A Confidant”

  • A pool of Indian Armed Forces veterans recently retired from Army, Navy & Air Force
  • A youthful, educated, energetic and compassionate care giver
  • He stands with you in case of an emergency
  • Ensures the requisitioned services be delivered to the best possible


What Clients Say

Mrs Pandey is a cancer survivor who lives by herself. A wife of an Indian Air force officer who lost her husband some years ago. She goes for her weekly chemotherapy sessions to Max hospital and also makes regular trips to Research and Referral Army hospital to see her primary care physician.With no family support system left and her health declining due to frailty and dependence she chose Eldercare services.

The care buddy takes her for her weekly chemo sessions and doctor's consultations, stays by her side through her sessions and settles her back at home. He also instructs the maid regarding her daily food requirements, shops for her weekly utility items, pays her bills and takes her for shopping and temple visits. She is in a much better mental state and feels safe and confident moving around with a confidante.

- Mrs Pandey

Mr Roy is a retired eminent scientist. He lives with his wife while his two daughters live in Germany.He retired as a Senior advisor (seed) National Cooperative Federation of India, Vice President KSL ( Product Research and Development), Maharashtra, UNIDO International Consultant, Malawi, Africa, and Consultant to various organisations in India and abroad.

His entire life's research work suddenly came to a grinding halt 9 years back upon his retirement. With a mind as sharp and brilliant as his at this age,we at Eldercare felt he has still a lot to offer for the betterment of human race. The care buddy, since then, has taken over the mundane tasks of running day to day affairs such as paying utility bills, managing the house staff and repairs etc. Mr Roy's interest in his life time work has found the new light of the day and from past 3 months he has been working as an advisor to Sikkim Government and various other agencies on their organic farming projects. He travels a lot and his sense of self-worth post retirement is at its highest!

- Mr Roy

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