Posted On 2019-11-04

Challenges and trends in Eldercare

We conducted seminar on " Challenges and trends in Eldercare" in Banagalore where we discussed Ageing is a global phenomenon. The world's population is ageing due to increasing life spans and decreasing birth rates. India is no exception to this demographic transition. It is projected that the proportion of Indians aged 60 and older will rise from 7.5% in 2010 to 11.1% in 2025 . In 2010, India had more than 91.6 million elderly and the number of elderly in India is projected to reach 158.7 million in 2025 [1]. The ageing population will present a major challenge for the public health care system in near future. India today is confronted with the enormous challenge of preparing to meet the demands of an ageing population. The problems and issues of its greying population occupy the back seat. India should prepare to meet the growing challenge of caring for its elderly population Elderly care in India is fast emerging as a critical element of both the public and private concern. The traditional ancient culture with joint families and common land holding never posed a problem for elderly care. But in the last few decades due to modernization the elderly today do not enjoy the same status as they enjoyed in past. The fast pace of social change is affecting traditional care giving mechanisms for the elderly. Hence, there is need for a dynamic action plan to utilize the resources of the elderly and enhance their social status in the community.

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